Naroch specializes in product designs for start-ups and small businesses. Over the years we have done over 150 circuit board designs

We provide the capabilities to design equipment that operates at room temperature, or that needs to survive in extreme environments such as industrial applications that need to withstand ambient temperature variation from -40°C to +85°C.

To give you an idea of what Naroch is capable of, here is a list of a few of the projects we have undertaken.

Some Recent Projects

Wireless Sensor Nets

Naroch was asked to build an energy efficient wireless sensor network capable of supporting up to 2000 nodes.

This design called for low-energy wireless sensors to communicate ambient readings to a Gateway which, through a Raspberry Pi, processes the data and sends it to the cloud via the cellular LTE network. Wireless routers can be added to extend sensor range as needed.

Casino Counter

The client was a dealer in a casino who wanted a device to help keep track of the state of the game and the current payout amount for a fast-paced complicated card game. By having the machine keep score, no-one could accuse the dealer of getting it wrong. Naroch designed the product with a large easily-readable colour screen, a numeric keypad for reliable entry of numbers, WiFi connection to the casino's local area network, a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery recharging from USB, and a real-time clock to keep track of time and date.

Wireless Chemical Sensor

One of our customers wanted a device that would be able to detect the concentration of specific chemicals and measure temperature using a wirelessely connected sensor. Our customer further wanted this device to use minimal energy, as it needed to run for 6 months from a pair of AA batteries. Naroch designed this wireless sensor for our client that would transmit the relevant information to the cloud where it could be seen remotely by the end user. This entailed designing the sensor itself, connecting it to the internet, and using databasing technologies to store this information (historical and current) for reference of the end user. Lastly, Naroch developed a web-interface for the client to see the prototype in action.

Some Older Projects

155 Megabit per Second OC3 Fiber Optic Link

When one of our customers wanted to expand their Wavebridge 500 Free-Space-Optical family to include a 155Mbps OC3 interface, they contacted Naroch Networks. Several months later it was up and running at the customer's site, passing data via a tight light-beam through the air over a 500m distance between two high-rise buildings in downtown Ottawa.

Portable Power Pack

The client had invented a novel type of battery to be used in a 12V portable power pack, but needed Naroch to control the output. Because the output voltage of this type of battery could vary from 12 to 20 volts, which could damage appliances/devices meant to run from a conventional 12V battery, the output voltage had to be limited to 14V, even if the battery voltage was higher. The voltage regulator had to handle peak currents of up to 60Amps, and be able to shut off the current completely when the user pressed the off switch. Other features included over-temperature shutdown, a battery charger, and a bar-graph showing remaining battery life.